The Beauty of Nature

Nature is present in our everyday lives, but who would’ve thought that it would be present in our digital life.  I have always wondered why technicians use certain words to express things in the digital world, but never actually questioned it.  Words such as bug, cloud, stream etc. are used everyday in our digital life. I never made the connection until I read about the idea of Technobiphilia that was introduced by Susan Thomas. Thomas discusses of how nature is present in technology.  Susan Thomas states that we as humans have this innate love for nature which maybe the reason why we relate so many of our Technical words. Now in days we can say that technology is as present in our daily lives as much as nature. The internet and nature have a connection on its own and although we should relate them we should also keep them separate. Unlike many people she also doesn’t tell us to push them away from each other. Today we hear parents telling their kids to go outside instead of playing with their Ipads, laptops, game systems etc. It’s interesting that Thomas says that their is nothing wrong with that. She sees technology and nature in a completely different perspective.



A New Era

After watching Wednesdays MOOC we can truly say that storytelling is transforming. My definition of storytelling has completely changed. When I used to hear the word “storytelling” I instantly thought of a book with lessons to teach us or something to tell. Although those thoughts still come to mind, the MOOC has broadened my definition of a “story”.  Storytelling is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Technology has transformed storytelling to a whole other level.  Even though we are still able to catch a good read at the library, there are other ways of consuming stories. We are now able read stories anywhere and at any time.  Whether it’s on our laptops or on our mobile phones, we are able to discuss our daily life experience through social media (i.e. twitter, facebook, vine, instagram…).  These ever growing advancements in social media allow anyone to become a writer, consumer or even both. Also stories are easily accessible all throughout the world. We now have a bigger audience to please. It’s a little crazy to know that we have the access to millions of stories in our everyday lives. I can’t wait to see how much digital storytelling transforms in the near future. With all these advances it just makes me wonder if the old ways for telling stories will disappear? Will books just be a thing in the past? Will our children understand their value? Is digital storytelling a good or bad thing?  This is the million dollar question, that only time can answer.  Thus, only time will tell whether the further advances in social media will completely change the consumers preferences of his or her means of reading stories.

True or False?


After reading the articles assigned for this week I learned the impact that social media has on todays people. The article I read discussed how a twitter user falsely claimed that the New York Stock exchange was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. After he made this claim both the weather channel and CNN reported it to be. After reading this I came to learn that social media has a great impact on the news.  In today’s society we rely a little too much on Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. that we seem to trust everything we see on them. The Metaliteracy Mooc states that “everyone can be a citizen journalist or news photographer or videographer.” Although this is very true, not everyone could be an educated one. Learning to distinguish false and true information can be a very complicated process especially with all the sources we are given. These readings make me second guess all the posts I see on a daily basis. How much of the information we take in daily is true?

What metaliteracy means to me.


I was first introduced to meta literacy in this class, and I honestly do not know much about it, but to me metaliteracy has to do with being able to use technology in a savvy way. To me it means being able to use technology to it full capacity and correctly not just for ones own benefit, but to benefit society. Being metaliterate means being able to understand technology on a whole different level. This means that we understand the pros and cons of technology and the information it gives to us. Being metaliterate also means being able to absorb all sorts of different information and distinguish the good from the bad. In this class I hope to better understand what is metaliteracy and what is it’s importance especially now in days in comparison to the past. I hope to become more metaliteracy and understand how to use technology and all its information correctly. I also hope that I will be able to use my skills in school, work, etc. #metaliteracy